A very useful undocumented Domino URL command

The other day in the IBM Business Partner Forum (I checked the permission's it said this could be published), someone casually mentioned that there is an undocumented URL command "?OpenField".

What this URL command does, is return the HTML rendering of a specified Rich Text Field, with no head, no body tag etc. So for example, if you were take one of the blog entries here, which are stored in a Domino database, the Rich Text I write is stored in a Rich Text Field "EntryRICH" so if I wanted just the HTML from that field for a blog entry last week, I would enter something like:

Where the format is:

Why is this helpful, well I think there are a number of opportunities this provides, one is to extract out RTFs as HTML programmatically very easily, without having any LotusScript or Domino knowledge. It makes retrieving information from RTFs to use with AJAX very easy. I;m just getting my head around this Command, but I think it's one we'll see people use more and more.

Source : http://www.iminstant.com/iminstant/iminstant.nsf/d6plinks/CTYR-7H6S6R

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