Speed Up Eclipse

15 Useful Tips - Speed Up Eclipse To An Ultra Fast IDE
"Eclipse deals with a lot of small files including source code, compiled files, metadata, local history, svn, etc. And, the type of hard disc you
have will impact all the IO actions eclipse performs. You may see a significant performance enhancement if you upgrade to an SSD (Solid State Drive)"

STS 3.0 (Really, Eclipse Juno) is slow...

"And an SSD is an absolute must; builds with hundreds to thousands of classes to compile and files to copy go many factors faster "

Optimizing Eclipse performances

"In that regard, choosing to buy an SSD disk seems to be a kind of blessing for Eclipse"

Set up Eclipse workspace in RAM

"So, the first solution is of course to upgrade your hard drive, and if you can afford to by an SSD one, this link seems to show what dramatic improvement you can get."

Increasing and Optimizing Eclipse performance

"Get an SSD. Move your Workspace to this drive and you’ll be amazed at how fast things get."

Solid-State Drives From a Developer's Perspective
"Where the SSD drive obviously shines is reducing the time for any intensive disk I/O, and this is especially obvious in large coding
 projects with dozens of source code files"

My Top 10 Tips on how to be more productive with the Eclipse IDE

"Eclipse has to handle many small files: source code, compiled files, metadata, local history, git, etc.  And, the hard drive you use
has a massive impact on most of the actions you perform throughout the day. A major performance boost , and therefore a
productivity boost, can be achieved by upgrading to an SSD"

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