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Created 08/08-2013 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen
jQuery Mobile - split page
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Created 14/01-2013 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen
Create a custom jQuery plug-in

Create a custom jQuery plug-in

Extend the jQuery library with your own reusable code

Summary:  jQuery is a powerful library that delivers all of the core functions you need when developing a JavaScript project. However, sometimes it's necessary to extend the core functions with custom code that helps you be more productive. In this article, learn how to create a custom reusable plug-in using the jQuery library.

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Created 03/07-2012 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen
jQuery lightBox plugin

jQuery lightBox plugin is simple, elegant, unobtrusive, no need extra markup and is used to overlay images on the current page through the power and flexibility of jQuery´s selector.

lightBox is a plugin for jQuery. It was inspired in Lightbox JS by Lokesh Dhakar.

The better way to know what is jQuery lightBox plugin, click the Example tab above and see it in action.


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Created 10/06-2011 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen
Fancybox - Fancy lightbox alternative

FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, html content and multi-media in a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats overtop of web page.
It was built using the jQuery library. Licensed under both MIT and GPL licenses.


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Created 10/06-2011 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen
Animated table sort
Created 22/03-2011 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen
Use jQuery to show photos
Created 15/04-2010 by Michael Bornholdt Nielsen
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